Session #2 – 1930-1940

Playlist par DJ Mitch (Michel Caillat)

L’évolution du jazz à travers quelques titres indispensables

1. Louis Armstrong & His Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra, I’m A Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas)
(Baxter) Los Angeles, July 21, 1930. Okeh.
2. The Connie’s Inn Orchestra (Fletcher Henderson), Sugarfoot Stomp
(Oliver-Armstrong) New York, April 29, 1931. Victor.
3. Earl Hines & His Orchestra, Blue Drag
(Joseph Myrow/Henry Woode) New York, July 14, 1932. Brunswick.
4. Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra, Lightnin’
(Ellington) New York, September 21, 1932. Brunswick.
5. Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra, Jazznocracy
(Will Hudson) New York, January 26, 1934. Victor.
6. Quintette du Hot Club de France, Nagasaki-1
(Warren-Dixon) Paris, October 15, 1936. Gramophone.
7. Fats Waller & His Rhythm, Nero
(Razaf-Denniker-Davis) New York, December 24, 1936. Victor.
8. Roy Eldridge And His Orchestra, Wabash Stomp
(R. Eldridge) Chicago, January 23, 1937. Vocalion.
9. Teddy Wilson And His Orchestra, I’ll Never Be The Same
(Malneck-Signorelli-Kahn) New York, June 1, 1937. Brunswick.
10. Count Basie And His Orchestra, Panassie Stomp
(Basie) New York, November 16, 1938. Decca
11. Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra, Old King Dooji
(Ellington) New York, December 22, 1938. Brunswick.
12. Count Basie And His Orchestra, Pound Cake
(Edison-Basie) Chicago, May 19, 1939. Vocalion.
13. Earl Hines & His Orchestra, G. T. Stomp
(Hirsch-Marks; a: Hines) New York, July 12, 1939. Bluebird.
14. Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra, When Lights Are Low (Fox trot)
(Carter-Williams) New York, September 11, 1939. Victor.

Jazz, alcool et dope. Société, addiction et prohibition

15. Memphis Jug Band, Cocaine Habit
Memphis, May 17, 1930. Victor.
16. Cab Calloway and his Orchestra, Minnie The Moocher
(Mills-Calloway) New York, March 3, 1931. Brunswick.
17. Clarence Williams And His Orchestra, Jerry The Junker
(Stout) New York, July 6, 1934. Vocalion.
18. Chick Webb and his Orchestra, When I Get Low, I Get High
(Webb-Fitzgerald) New York, April 7, 1936. Decca.
19. Harlem Hamfats, Weed Smoker’s Dream
(H. Morand-J. McCoy) Chicago, October 2, 1936. Decca.
20. The Four Clefs, The Jive Is Jumpin’
(Edward Duvernay) Chicago, June 5, 1939. Bluebird.
21. The Cats and the Fiddle, Killin’ Jive
(A. Powell) Chicago, June 27, 1939. Bluebird.

Le côté rock. Le jazz comme culture souterraine: langage codé, buffet flat, rent parties, jive music, rap…

22. Gitfiddle Jim (Kokomo Arnold), Paddlin’ Blues
(Arnold) Memphis, May 17, 1930. Victor.
23. Elder Curry, Memphis Flu
Jackson, Miss, December 16, 1930. Okeh.
24. Cripple Clarence Lofton, Strut That Thing
Chicago, April 2, 1935. Vocalion.
25. Robert Johnson, If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day
(Johnson) San Antonio, November 27, 1936. Unissued.
26. Joe Turner, Roll ‘Em Pete
(Johnson) New York, December 30, 1938. Vocalion.
27. Louis Jordan and his Tympany, Five Keep A-Knockin’ (But You Can’t Come In)
New York, March 29, 1939. Decca.

Jazz et danse (video)

28. Bundle of Blues, Duke Ellington and his Orchestra and Ivie Anderson
(Paramount Pictures) May 23, 1933.
29. Keep Punching, John Clein, Featuring The Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers
The Big Apple Contest December 7, 1939.